Vegetarian Diet May Cut Colon Cancer Risk


A vegetarian diet, generally one that includes fish, significantly reduces a risk of colorectal cancer, a vast new investigate reports.

Researchers recruited 77,659 group and women from Seventh-day Adventist churches nationwide. Adventists were selected since they refrain from smoking and drinking, and are speedy to eat a vegetarian diet. All filled out well-validated questionnaires that enclosed some-more than 200 food items.

Meat intake in a race was really low: about dual ounces a day. During an normal of 7 years of follow-up, a scientists found 490 cases of colorectal cancer. Over all, after adjusting for many health and behavioral variables, vegetarians had a 21 percent reduced risk compared with nonvegetarians. The results are in JAMA Internal Medicine.

But some vegetarian diets were improved than others. Results for people who mutated a vegetarian diet with eating beef or fish adult to 4 times a month subsequent small benefit. But “pescovegetarians,” who ate fish one or some-more times a month and other meats reduction than once a month, reduced their risk by 42 percent compared with nonvegetarians.

“We’re looking during a low finish of a beef expenditure spectrum,” pronounced a lead author, Dr. Michael J. Orlich, an partner highbrow of epidemiology during a Loma Linda University School of Public Health, a Seventh-day Adventist institution, “but even compared to a assuage intake of meat, a 0 intake looks better, with or but fish.”

A chronicle of this essay appears in imitation on 03/17/2015, on page D6 of a NewYork book with a headline: Nutrition: Diet May Cut Colon Cancer Risk.

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