Vegetarian aims for an all-organic diet

Cathryn Broderhausen Roys

Cathryn Broderhausen Roys

Cathryn Broderhausen Roys is a comparison associate jaunty executive during Charleston Southern University.

I’m a small bit of a hippie in my eating habits. I’m a vegetarian, not vegan, though we eat usually organic food.

For breakfast, we had a same thing we have each day. There’s a association called Shakeology: It’s a Beachbody Company that does a P90X programs that are so popular. we don’t do those, though we do a shake for breakfast, and infrequently for lunch and dinner, usually depending.

I do a chocolate one that’s vegan. It’s filled with things that are all natural, all plant-based, all kind of plants and roots, probiotics and prebiotics. we supplement banana and blueberries and a spoonful of peanut butter and almond milk. Oh, and we put in cinnamon and sugar and a tablespoon of tender strong vinegar. That’s each singular morning. we like it, and we feel great. we used to have digestive issues before when we ate meat, and we have none, none, none.

I have a kind of position where we have to eat out with clients utterly a bit, so afterwards we can’t always eat organic. We went to Carrabba’s for lunch. we had a minestrone and Italian salad. The minestrone is usually filled with vegetables. It’s a usually minestrone we like.

For dinner, we baked during home. we done whole-wheat pasta, and grilled some sundried tomatoes and yellow peppers and seitan that we get during Earth Fare. we use a Italian sausage version. we usually chopped it adult and put it in a vessel after a vegetables had been sauteed. Then we put that over a pasta with a small butter and a small oil.

To drink, we had an organic packet and sugar tea. we get it during Publix. They have other kinds, though packet and sugar is my family’s favorite.

That’s kind of standard for how we eat. we didn’t have dessert. But that doesn’t meant we don’t eat dessert.

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