Consumers select seafood, vegetarian dishes for health

Nearly 3 buliding of consumers who increasing their seafood purchases over a past dual years did so since of a health benefits, according to a new news from Technomic.

“Center of a Plate: Seafood Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report” also found that 62% of Americans eat dishes though beef, pork, duck or turkey during slightest once a week. Close to 70% eat seafood as an entrée or entrée part during slightest once each 90 days.

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Salmon is a many renouned fish during Technomic’s Top 500 restaurants, though cod is a fast-growing choice.

Technomic also predicts expansion in quick infrequent seafood.


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“Health will continue to expostulate a seafood and vegetarian menu mix, and it can be leveraged both to coax seductiveness in these options and to advantage a judgment as a whole, by broadening appeal, shortening a ‘veto vote’ and formulating a health halo,” Kelly Weikel, executive of consumer insights for Technomic, pronounced in a press release.

“These options also yield a indicate of split that younger consumers demeanour for as inventive, nonetheless gratifying vegetarian and seafood equipment featuring on-trend mixture to emanate a contemporary, singular and better-for-you positioning.”

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