Breakfast and Lunch Prices to Increase during Hawaii Public Schools

The Hawaii Board of Education pronounced Tuesday that prices for breakfast and lunch will boost — by 25 cents and 10 cents, respectively — in a subsequent propagandize year.

That’s a initial increase since 2011, and the BOE says it’s due to aloft food costs and labor agreement raises.

A 2009 state law requires the Department of Education to assign during slightest half a cost of scheming a meals.

Hawaii DOE propagandize lunch

Hawaii DOE

According to a press release, reduced-price dishes served to economically disadvantaged students “will sojourn unvaried during 30 cents for breakfast and 40 cents for lunch. Students who validate for giveaway dishes also will not be impacted.”

The DOE serves some-more than 100,000 dishes a day during a propagandize year, and a meals must accommodate U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines — we know, copiousness of fruit, veggies and grains.

Speaking of increasing prices, check out our Living Hawaii series to learn because so many things are costly in a islands … though also learn about some ideas on how to revoke costs.

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