Bloggers, chefs and internal experts demeanour creatively during preserving seafood industry

20150626 tolerable seafood

Bloggers, chefs and internal experts demeanour creatively during preserving seafood industry

20150626 tolerable seafood

You might not know Julie Qiu, though she could assistance figure a destiny of a seafood attention in Louisiana.

Julie’s a world-renowned oyster blogger, vocalization this weekend during a first-ever Sustainable Seafood Blog Conference in New Orleans.

The discussion is bringing together writers like Julie, chefs and internal experts in a seafood attention to plead artistic ways to keep it alive.

One engaging idea?

Buying your oysters pre-shucked.

The shells can be dumped behind in a ocean, to assistance reconstruct the oyster reefs, instead of being dumped into landfills.

Local brothers Tommy and Adam Waller used that really thought as impulse for The Oyster Bed.

It’s a nifty device to prepare New Orleans’ world-famous char-grilled oysters, but wasting those changed shells.

This week, those brothers are pity their internal ideas on Julie’s inhabitant platform.

Connecting consumers and charge to keep the seafood attention going strong.

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